Geographic Based Routing

Dear Guys ,

We have requested a feature so many times by our customers which is something like geographic based routing.

for example : Creating an outbound policy to route all IP addresses belong to a specific country on specific WAN port. or route all .uk or .hk or .cn which are country specific DNS suffix from a specific WAN.

any idea ?

regards, Hootan

Guys ,

we really need this feature. we need country specific IP block to be routable through specific WAN or SF profile.

please consider.

Thanks - Hootan

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Hi Hootan,

We noted your requested.

Thank you.

i have an issue related to Charter residential ISP (and a feature request) here that might be addressed if the API would allow changes to the method the Balance 20 uses to interact with the cable modem…

Hi Harry,

Could you elaborate further on you issue (and/or feature request), so we could have better understanding?

Thanks and regards.