Geofence quirk?

I setup a second geofence entry. Had one for the homestead and now added one for the storage site. When I added the new one this morning it had a yellow triangle suggesting it would not work. I disabled the first one (homestead) and now the warning triangle went away. Is that what should happen? Can I not have two geofence area’s active? It would suck if I have to remember to enable and disable them when I bring it home for a few day to do some work and then do it all over again when it goes to the storage lot. Confused… -Bill

Probably you have selected the same set of routers in two geofences. So you see the warning triangle in the second geofence.

Please note that a device could only be governed by the first geofence that applies to it. All enabled actions in the later geofences will not be performed except HTTP/HTTPS Notification and Firmware Application. You might want to merge the second geofence into the first one. One geofence could contain multiple “zones”.