Geo-fence path file upload question

I see there is an option to upload a GPX file to create a path (zone) geo-fence as opposed to a circle.

For some reason, however I create a GPX file it always fails to load and I cannot see any detailed instruction for this feature. The circular geo-fence works very well, but for me ,a circle doesn’t work due to the shape of our depot; I’m trying to capture when buses arrive back at depot, and with a circle, I either cannot capture the entire depot/yard or I capture bus routes that run along side the yard.

Is there any instruction anywhere on how to create what InControl2 sees as a valid GPX file?

Thank you.

Hi Ian - welcome to the forum.
So you can’t create a custom polygon zone. Best you can do is draw a linear path then increase the width - this this:

I use this to draw paths GPS Visualizer: Freehand Drawing Utility: Draw on a map and save GPX data

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This is awesome. Many thanks for this info. Set up a test and able to upload the file.

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Further to my last comment, I’ve been able to set many Geofences to update router firmware using these fences.
Many thank for your response.

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@icarter glad it came right!