Geo-fence -> Location-specific Outbound Policy

It would be greatly beneficial if Outbound Policy could be automatically re-programmed based on geo-location. (Mobile deployments)

While in a primary location I need to be able to have the device operate in “Priority” failover order outbound policy. Then while away from the primary location I need outbound policy of “Weighted Balance”. (Is this already possible today and Im missing something?)

To achieve this it seems there are at least two things needed:

  1. Some sort of “policy templating” which could be used to define “Primary location policy” vs “Alternate location policy”. Include ‘tag’ attribution within policy
  2. Tie-in with inControl geo-location tagging constructs to trigger changes automatically

Is this type of capability something that has been considered before?

Since the components seem to be already partially available to support geo-locate reconfiguring SpeedFusion it seems like it would be only a small leap to add this to Outbound Policy…?

Please add this feature set. Thanks!

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This would be cool.

Does anyone know whether you can set rules on Speedfusion? I.e. on WiFi as WAN route over speedfusion but on cellular only no Speedfusion?

You can consider to use Geo-Fencing tagging to push the outbound policy to the device.

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Thank you for steering me correctly. I was able to get this working exactly how I wanted to! :partying_face: