General questions regarding Pepwave Surf SOHO install

Im considering purchase of a Pepwave Surf SOHO router and a Pepwave One Mini for use in a home network. My goal is to isolate my IOT devices for better security. Some background…I recently purchased and installed an Unifi Dream Machine with a FlexHD AP. All went OK until I was faced with setting up the firewall. Was just too complex for me…so I returned the devices. I went looking for a simpler alternative and discovered the Pepwave Surf SOHO router. I do not want another month of frustration setting up the Pepwave network. So I come here for some real world experience and advice.

BTW I have been scanning this forum looking for issues and have noticed a few. Many of them are special for specific individual situation. I dont see many successful posts and understand thats the way things go…ie people post with issues and never post about success stories

One potential problem I anticipate and cant find any info about…is the modem that will be in front of the Pepwave router. Its an ATT gateway. Specifically its the Arris BGW210. When I setup the Unifi stuff…I setup the ATT gateway into passthrough mode. Seemed to work fine with the Unifi stuff. I even got the stuff working by just plugging the UDM into an ethernet port with no changes to the gateway.

My questions is…will the Pepwave need the same passthough setup in the ATT gateway and will the Pepwave router be happy?

Anyone on this forum have experience with the ATT Gateway setup?

What other issues might I expect that will lead to another month of frustrations?

What are my chances of success?

Thanks for all info and comments.

Hello and Good Day

We have had the Surf soho setup now for about five years. I really can’t give you any bad things to say about it. All I can say is any problem that did arise are the fault of the carrier. For most of the time we had Verizon. We had three different modems or jetpacks, (aka) hotspots. They were tethered to the Surf soho via USB. The last hotspot we had Verizon canceled the contract because they could not provide the service they were supposed to. We now have AT&T, with the IFWA-40 cellular modem. It’s connected to the Surf soho via Ethernet. It has been pretty good so far. The modem that you have I’m not familiar with. I don’t see any reason why it would not work with Surf soho. I will research that modem and report on it.
As for the Surf soho, it’s a great router. Lots of features and WiFi is strong. Setup is not hard. I learned many things through trial and error. I learned many things in this forum.
If this Surf soho died today, We would purchase another one immediately.
Here is the client list of all the devices running on the Surf soho. All devices are working as expected.

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I found lots of help on this blog site: the Reviews and other documents all seem worthwhile:

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Hope this helps