General Query

Dear All,

We have a similar setup as shown in the attached Image. We have three ISP’s with 10 Mbps bandwidth each. We are planning to put a peplink device for load balancing but my QUESTION is “Will PEPLINK device give a output of 30 Mbps or i’ll get only 10 Mbps while accessing Internet. For example if i am running a speed test from my server which is on internal network. Will i be getting 30 Mbps or 10 Mbps per session”

If it’s possible to get total 30 Mbps per session kindly advice me the Peplink Model as well, it’ll be a great help. Thanks in advance

Peplink, standalone, provides session-based load balancing. Each of your session will occupy one WAN. Your HTTP speedtest will have 10Mbps. Your other sessions will take place on the other two WAN links. In total you have 30Mbps of bandwidth split out in different sessions.

To overcome session-based limitation we have our SpeedFusion bonding technology. It bonds any IP links as if they were one. This is very handy for companies looking for a cost-effective complement/replacement to their expensive private link, or to increase bandwidth and reliability at the same time for their mobile applications relying on 3G/4G. SpeedFusion works in pair.

Your image doesn’t show properly but Peplink Balance 30, 310 and 380 should fit well in your environment. Balance 380 with user group bandwidth control will be my recommendation if we have many user. Fee free to have a look here for a detailed feature breakdown.

Thank you very much Kurt for your valuable information. I’ll go through the link now.