Gain, Length, external antenna that Support for MAX BR1

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our customer has a lot of questions for MAX BR1, i can’t find it in the datasheet.

  1. How much watt gain support from the modem to Antenna?
  2. What is the maximum length of the coax antenna that is still supported and its impedance if we want to use an external antenna?
  3. Is there any recommended External Antennas?
  4. Is there a recommended type of coax cable?

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Hope this will help. we have a lot of Br1 Mini LTE and Max LTE Device installed.
The following antenna seems to work the best for us, XPOL-6-10M

Our Supplier normally give us a 10M extension cable with the device, I found that 10M is the longest you must go.

The Antenna above is for LTE or Lower. If the cable is to short, We have a Br1 running with POE without a problem.

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thank you for your advice. so your BR1 running with PoE with default antenna?


I would advice the XPOL-2, This due to it also supports the lower range of freq. Xpol-6 will only support 1710-2700MHZ. Also the XPOL-2 has an wider looking angle so its easier to point to the needed CEL tower.

When using LTEA you’ll need those lower freq for the FDD based signals. Hope this clears things up abit.

Hello @DGK-support,
There is a great amount involved in correctly choosing an antenna system that will deliver the most suitable outcomes for your clients application.

Most wireless (be that cellular/mobile or Wi-Fi) antenna system for MIMO work best with an out of phase antenna array (+/- 45 Degrees of the vertical), meaning you can have a very tightly packed antenna with exceptional performance. The cabling system needs to be 50Ohm impedance (not 75Ohm as used for Terestrial TV & most MATV systems). The quality of the cable system can make just as big impact as a quality antenna, we run over 50 meter cable runs for some of our clients and get excelent results as we supply a professionaly desiged fit for purpose solution. The antennas recomened by both @frederik and @Wouter are good antennas if they match the location requirements of the end client.

We suggest that you contact your local Authorised Peplink Partner for specialised assistance.

Your local Certified Peplink Partner can help you with a copy of the Antenna Selection Guide for Peplink Partners, this is a detailed guide and is only available to the Peplink Partners so to ensure that you are helped in working through it to get the most suitable antenna solution to your application.

Remember that the majority of these systems are MIMO (Multi In, Multi Out), so you must ensure you use antennas and cabling that are suitably designed for the application.
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