FW 6.1 Balance 20 and AP 300M Web Config


I just updated to FW 6.1 and am trying to figure out a specific configuration issue. I previously configured my AP 300M via web interface to have a separate SSID that was bandwidth limited to 3000kbs down and 1000kbs up. When I associated the AP with the Balance 20 on the new firmware I lost that bandwidth limit and I can’t get it to re-enable on the web interface. Is the AP only controllable from either the Web or Balance now not both? I can’t find a way to re-enable the bandwidth limit on the Balance 20, is this a feature that will be added or will I have to just use web config from now on?


Hello apadmin-

Not all of the features available on the AP One 300M web admin are available on the Balance AP Controller web admin.

More features and functionality will be added in future firmware releases, but for now you will need to use the AP One 300M interface for bandwidth limiting.