Futureproofing your 4K streaming services with 5G and multi-cellular connections!


  • A leading telecom and IT company headquartered in the Asia Pacific region.
  • The business model consists of providing a design service and multi-carrier bonding solution for 4K video streaming within the transportation vertical.


  • To stabilize transportation of the 4K stream by implementing a robust mobile LTE router into their pre-existing streaming server.
  • Use a reliable Cloud connection to create a reliable signal to a mobile LTE router.
  • A robust router that is able to support multiple LTE connections.


  • Implement a MAX HD4 MBX router into the current configuration to work seamlessly with the encoder, to transmit data to the cloud server for review and decoding.
  • The MAX HD4 MBX is capable of supporting up to 4 cellular connections concurrently, incorporating bandwidth bonding to give you uninterrupted connectivity.
  • The MAX HD4 MBX features a swappable cellular module so you can futureproof your investment and upgrade to a 5G module when the time comes.
  • The MBX has been approved for many different types of usages. In this instance, it has certifications for shock and vibration resistance (EN 61373:1999 IEC 61373:1999), as well as being ideal for rail applications (EN 50155).
  • The QMA connector on this router can save so much handling time because it allows for quick mating and demating without the need for tools. It also cannot come loose like traditional screw in connectors (SMA).
  • Powered by a DC input means cabling is minimized for convenience on the go.
  • A Balance 380 will be on the receiving end, working alongside the existing streaming router and decoder, to provide viewers their media via the IPTV Box.
  • FusionHub will be added to their current streaming server, acting as a 2nd end-point to support the mobile LTE router. This can be implemented without the need for any further hardware.

Devices deployed