FusionSIM Agent & Remote SIM Proxy

What is Fusion SIM Agent & Remote SIM Proxy and when should we use them?

Currently we have the following setup for remote SIMs
< FusionHub with Public IP address >—SpeedFusion—< UBR-GO >—LAN—< SIM Injector >
We had been port forwarding direct from the FusionHub to the SIM Injector for port 50000 which works but limits us to having a single SIM Injector on that public IP address.

We have enabled “FusionSIM Agent” on the UBR-Rugged
-Does this mean that from the FusionHub, we can now port forward port 50000 to the UBR-Go’s LAN IP address and let the FusionSIM Agent take care of the routing to the SIM Injector?
-Can we now host more than one SIM Injector on the LAN of the UBR-Go?

Would it be beneficial to have the FusionSIM Agent option on the FusionHub too? (currently its not present)

p.s. we have just installed the UBR-Go, we where using a BR1 which doesn’t have the FusionSIM Agent option.

I hope this is clear


FusionSIM Agent
When you have multiple SIM injectors that manage by FusionSIM cloud, you may need to set port forwarding for each SIM injector in your network. By enabling FusionSIM Agent, you just need to connect the SIM Injectors to the LAN side of the agent (e.g. balance router) with zero-touch configuration.

Remote SIM Proxy
This will be the deployment scenario.

HD2 Mini (LAN) > (WAN) Balance router (LAN) > SIM Injectors

Remote SIM Proxy will be enabled at Balance router. So, this allows the HD2 Mini to discover the SIM Injectors that connect to the LAN side of Balance router.

Look like you need FusionSIM Agent. Below is the answer for your questions.




Hey @TK_Liew

Thanks for the comprehensive answer. Could this info be included in the GUI as the features don’t really explain themselves.

For RemoteSIM Proxy, will this allow the router (e.g. HD2 Mini) on the WAN of the router (e.g. Balance) with RemoteSIM Proxy enabled to communicate even if the HD2 Mini is considered down by the Balance?


So we did some testing tonight and found that FusionSIM Agent did not act as we expected it to.

This is our set up which works if we use port forwarding on the UBR’s FusionHub directing port 50000 directly to the SIM Injector
< HD4 MBX >—SpeedFusion—< FusionHub (for MBX) >—Internet—< FusionHub (for UBR/SIM Bank) >—SpeedFusion—< UBR-GO >—LAN—< SIM Injector >
However, with FusionSIM Agent enabled on the UBR-Go and port 50000 pointed at the UBR-Go, the MBX loses the SIMs and can’t require them.

How can I subscribe for FusionSIM ? There are no such reference in the marketplace ?