FusionHub with multiples WAN IP Addresses

Hello team,

Here in Africa we have some customers who required public IP address on their site to be able to access business cloud application with IP address access restriction.
The idea we have is to install a FunsionHub appliance in cloud and build a Pepvpn tunnel between the cloud FH instance and the Peplink Balance installed in the cusctomer office. We have a device behind the Peplink Balance, it will receive the traffic from the public ip address through FusionHub (Inbound port forwarding).

We have many case like this, the limitation is with the FusionHub instance, because it can’t handle many WAN IP addresses. We can’t build 1 FH instance per customer.

Do you have in pipe for next FH update, a way to enable multiple WAN ports on a FH instance ?


We also need this feature.

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This also is also the wish for a virtual balance :wink:
Many of our customers would buy the virutal balance licence.



Hello Peplink Community,

this feature is very interesting for us, too. We’re currently having two dedicated internet connections in our DC and it would be really cool to be able to use both as another layer of redundancy for the SpeedFusion tunnels.


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