FusionHub VM requirements?

Hi everyone, I see the VM host requirements listed but not the VM itself. I’m looking to deploy FusionHub on Rogers IaaS in Canada which they said would work after I sent them all the details. This will basically be used with FusionHub Essential, just to bond maybe 2-4 LTE connections together to get at most 100Mbps. Rogers is saying I need to provide them with:

  1. RAM Needed
  2. Hard Drive Space Needed
  3. Operating System

Just wondering what I’d need for Essential and FusionHub Pro. This would 95% be used for bonding or VPN fail over to start. Thanks!

You can refer to the bottom of the FusionHub page from our site:


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I did but that says VM Host hardware, I’m asking the requirements for the VM itself. When I’m in VMware and I go to create a new virtual machine, I need to enter RAM, HD Size, and Operating System to create it.

If you use VMware ,select File > deploy OVF template and select the Fusionhub.OVA file the vsphere client will automatically have the correct settings.
You probably do have to edit the virtual machine settings to add a Network Adapter though after Fusionhub is installed.

The default settings after installation are:

OS: Ubuntu Linux (64-bit)
memory: 1024 MB
HD size: 16 GB (thin provisioned)

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Great thanks, is there any reason I should get 2GB of ram? I assumed 1GB also but everyone keeps telling me that it’s way too little, but I feel like they are used to selling this for actual servers and what not where customers buy 8GB+. Not sure how RAM affects the router performance if we’re under 100Mbps.