FusionHUB Virtual Appliance Static Routing

Hi !

Any news on release for version that supports static routing ? Do you have a Beta avaliable ?

Hi, you can find the firmware here.

Hi ! This is a .bin file We are running the virtual appliance ? Basicly as i read the routing is not performed at the FusionHUB ? The networkcard is set to trunk and the switch must performe the routing ?


You can install FusionHub using the package here.
Then upgrade FusionHub using the .bin file, upgrade instruction.

FusionHub is not a VLAN router/switch, you need to have you own VLAN router and connect FusionHub to one of the VLAN (not trunk).
For example, if you have 3 VLANs:, and
FusionHub is connected to, IP address
VLAN router IP address is
Enter following Static Routes in FusionHub:
Network Subnet Mask: Gateway
Network Subnet Mask: Gateway

If your SpeedFusion peer is having LAN subnet, you need to configure following static route in the VLAN router:
Network Subnet Mask: Gateway (assume is FusionHub’s IP address)

Excellent ! Now the FusionHUB is working as intended, but have a question. The internal network to be reached at HQ are behind a fw/router. How do i advertise this network to be routed over the speedfusion vpn ?

Please see picture of network drawing


All static routes will be advertised to SpeedFusion peers automatically.
In your case, you need to

  1. Define static route 172.20.160/24 gw in FusionHub
  2. Define static route gw in f/w (
    (this assume f/w router is also having a 172.20.160.x IP address and it is the gw of network) and should be connected.


This I actually did, but no traffic was passed over to remote site. Is it possible to see what IP networks that are within SpeedFusion vpn tunnel ?

Can you ping (FusionHub) from network?
If yes, please open a support ticket here so we can look closer to the issue.