FusionHub Virtual Appliance - Static Routes

I have an evaluation FusionHub virtual appliance that is currently being used to trial Speedfusion Bonding. Currently I have the bonded vpn working however I can’t see anyway to configure static routes on the FusionHub.

Is this feature missing from the evaluation version or would we require a different device such as a Balance router to get this functionality?




Current Fusion Hub does not support static routes to be configured at this time. If Static Routes are needed I would recommend one of our SpeedFusion capable Balance routers.

this feature would be very important for our scenarios…So one question: “static route” would be insert in next releases of Fusion Hub or it will be never implemented?


Static route is on the road map but not available in next release.
Can you describe your scenario for our engineer team to reference?

I’m implementing a new infrastructure in witch I have a fusionhub, but behind the fusion hub I have a firewall in trasparent mode.
How I can work it without the static route?

Can you share your network diagram?

I have about 50 peplinks, in my server room I have many vlans with firewall cisco 5515, in the remote sites I have 2 lans with firewall cisco 5505, and in my new server room I’m introducing fusionhub with virtual firewall and I need to have many vlans. All peplinks create a private network on speedfusion and if the firewalls permit it, the single machine can reach other machine in the network. At the moment in my new server room I can’t install none virtual machine because I can’t communicate with the lan behind the firewall.

my machine have the ip
my firewall 5515 is
my first peplink is
my fusionhub is
my other virtual firewall is
my new server lan is 192.168.235.x


Can you provide a graphical/hand-drawing network diagram showing the desired connections between server side VLAN, 5515, FusionHub, remote peplink and 5505? Are you using Layer2 SpeedFusion to propagate remote peplink’s VLAN to server side’s 5515, or just use layer 3 routing?

we are using only speedfusion for the vpn

Static route support is required so that FusionHub can forward 234 and 235 traffic to FW and announce 234 and 235 subnet to remote Peplinks.
We are working on this feature, target release in Q1 2015.

Any news about the timeline for a FusionHub version with static routing support?


We are working on it, stay tuned.

beta firmware with static route support.
You need to configure the VLAN switch (add static routes) to route all SpeedFusion networks to FusionHub.

Good day !

Any Upgrades on the beta firmware of FusionHUB ?

Thanks !


Stein Jacobsen

There is no update yet. Do you experience any issues with the firmware?

Only one hickup so far. We had an incident where one of the remote peplink BR1s dashboard showed an active VPN connection and the FusionHub status also displayed an active connection but there were no routes exchanged, the information field on the FusionHub Status was blank. Rebooting the FusionHub VM solved the problem and it hasn’t recurred since. happened about 3 weeks ago.

Please help to download Diagnostic Report for both SpeedFusion peers if problem persists and submit ticket to us. This allowed us to check further.

Thank you.

If it happens again I will do so.

Thanks. Please follow up with us in ticket.

Is this available on the AWS version of FusionHub? I can’t find the VLAN option anywhere, and assume it’s because it’s only got one LAN interface pre-configured. I’d like to add some static routes of things beyond the FusionHub.