FusionHub version 6.3

Any timeline for version 6.3 firmware for FusionHub?

Hi, it will be available very soon. Any specific features you are looking for?

Static routing and layer 2 profiles are the big ones.

Static Route and Layer 2 are not available in coming 6.3 GA firmware.

You can download firmware with static route support here.

Is layer 2 in the road map?
I thought it was going to be at one point

Yes, this is on our roadmap.

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Any word on this? All the links to the beta bin are broken. We’re almost a year from it being “available very soon.”

Please download FusionHub 6.3.2s002 with static route support here.

6.3.3 has been skipped and 7.0.1 will be launched in few weeks.

Any further news on Layer 2 profiles availability for FusionHub?

Layer 2 still on roadmap. Not available yet.

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Layer 2 FusionHub profiles are targeted for Firmware 7.2.0

This is great news!

Thanks @Kenny