FusionHub Trial?

Is there any way to test if SpeedFusion would be worth the investment? I would like to know more about it and even give it a try.

Yes! You do have 30 days trial period. Please find the link below.

Is there also a corresponding SpeedFusion trial available?

What product would you be looking at for the trial?

I would like to use my existing Balance One Core. Should I open a support ticket?

Yes please do. We can provide you a 30-day trial license key.

Ticket has been entered. Ticket #771173 Thank you very much.

FWIW - There is a free trial for Microsoft Azure for 30 days and then some stuff sticks around for a year. I don’t know where this simple VM falls into their pricing tiers. I had to use the old admin panel – the new one lacks the features to create a VM instance from VHD. Steps were…

Acquire the VHD from Peplink forums – search for Azure and FusionHub
Create your Azure account - https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/offers/ms-azr-0044p/
Go to the old admin panel – https://manage.windowsazure.com
Create a storage location and upload the VHD.
Create a Disk from the VHD (it is a unix/linux OS – hint)
Create a VM instance from the disk (local gallery)
Grab your license from InControl2
Log In to your admin control panel for the FusionHub using the cloudapp.net address that you configured in Azure
Happy Fusioning!

I currently have two connections from the same ISP each using different hardware. I have tried balancing at the outbound connection level, but it seems that something is causing a “lowest common denominator” effect. For me, it is downloading 12 GB updates from XBox Live that I want to speed up. If I could have a more stable latency – that would be icing on the cake. I am hoping that the WAN smoothing combined with the speed fusion will give me that. Heck, with all the free trials being offered – what does it hurt to try?