FusionHub Trial License together with ICA

Hello all,

We would like to ask you, where do we generate a FusionHub trial license when we use on-premise ICVA on-premise instead of IC2 cloud version. For other customers using IC2 we see in section Warranty & Licenses the option to generate a FusionHub trial license. Unfortunately this option is missing in ICA.

Thanks a lot.

FusionHub licenses are only generated on IC2. If the FusionHubs are managed by an ICA, the FusionHubs could be offline from the Internet/IC2. But the ICA must be online on IC2. When FusionHubs validate their licenses, the ICA will act as a proxy to communicate with IC2.

Below is an excerpt of chapter 12 of the ICA Setup Guide on the firewall settings for ICAs.

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