FusionHub Throughput Question


I have two ISPs. One is 9Mbps down, 1Mbps up; the other is 15Mbps down, 1Mbps up. Doing a speed test that allows multiple sockets, I get 24Mbps Down, 2Mbps up, which is perfect.

I am in Panama, Central America. The closest AWS EC2 Server to me is the one in the Virginia Region (~2,050 miles away).

When I do FusionHub to this EC2 instance in Virginia, I only get about 9Mpbs download speed, upload is ok at close to 2Mbps. I have checked that all my settings are good and they are.

Is there any particular reason for this? Am I doing something wrong? Or is this just a sad consequence of the TCP/IP protocol due to distance?

Hi Soriam,
As you note, TCP bandwidth degrades as latency increases. I expect the combined round trip latency to the geographically distant Fusionhub is affecting your throughput. What is the observed RTT latency?

A quick google search identified KIO networks as offering vmware hosting in a datacenter in Panama - they might be worth a call? https://kionetworks.com/en/data-centers/#centros-de-datos-2

Can I use a trial FusionHub license to test or do I need to buy the license?

You can use an eval Fusionhub license to trial a new hosting provider. Simply log into InControl and go to the warranty and license screen for your organisation and click the create evaluation license at the bottom of the screen.

Do let us know how you get on with kio networks - its always good to get feedback about potential new hosting providers for Fusionhub…