FusionHub static route, subnet

hi everyone.
I’m new here, and not much familliar with peplink products…

recently i saw, in Balance 1350, i have the option to define static route, subnet mask, with: (subnet mask).

and in FusionHub, this option isn’t show up, (attached picture).

there is an option to define FusionHub static route, subnet mask to ?
thank you!

We have seen in other areas where a mask is not allowed that you can put in 2 entries. and which then covers the entire IP space,

But, there is already a default route on FusionHubs… The next hop route for the WAN interface.

So, how are using a FH where you would want a default route out the LAN interface? I’m not sure the two are independent route spaces.

When you have a LAN interface on the Fusionhub you can check the route PepVPN traffic to LAN checkbox and effectively set a default route for all remote peer traffic.

Otherwise the default route is the WAN gateway.