FusionHub Solo not accessible from IC2/service expired


I have an instance running on Vultr and registered with IC2, activated today. However, IC2 shows it as service having expired (with the same date as the activation - today), while the organization service status page of IC2 shows it as being “In Subscription” but with today as the expiration date.

The instance does not show up as a valid unit for IC2 SpeedFusion configuration, while trying to add it as a manually entered device results in an error that the device is already registered with IC2.

So - how do I make it available for SpeedFusion configuration by IC2?

Btw., the ticket submission system reports (repeatedly) that “something bad happened…” - hence no ticket submitted.



We need to investigate via support ticket.

Can you please try again ?

I tested multiple times to create ticket without any issue


Ticket #789416

RA is enabled on the fusionhub instance.

I submitted the ticked from a tablet, using a different ISP.


The engineering team fixed the issue at the InControl2 side. It is working fine now and life is good.

I really appreciate the alacrity with which the Peplink support folks investigated and addressed the issue.

Cheers indeed.