FusionHub Solo - How many Primecare devices can I connect to it?

I thought I knew how this worked but now I’m questioning it because I can only get one device to connect…

I have a fusionhub solo set up in my test lab and two UBRs that I want to connect to it.

I understood that because the UBRs are primecare they have the SpeedFusion license built in so don’t consume a license on the solo.

Is that right?

@TK_Liew bet you know…

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That’s interesting. One of our customers has a B380 and a UBR connected to a solo at the moment. The UBR has a current PrimeCare license of course.

I have had three primecare devices and a Soho mk3 connected to my FH without any issues. What are the error messages on both ends? I have had one B20x keep forgetting it was a primecare device.

I think this issue is caused by the weird sales status of the devices I have. They are demo devices that have not been registered as sold yet in the Peplink backend.

I suspect that until they are sales registered Primecare features don’t kick in.

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@MartinLangmaid, your understanding is correct in your first post.

I assume your FusionHub is running the latest firmware version. So, you may PM me your UBRs serial number or open a ticket for further checking.



Just to close this thread off.

It was indeed because of the sales registration / sales status of the device.
Once they had actually been paid for the UBRs should then get primecare features activated.

The confusion lied in that IC2 expects devices added to it to be paid for of course so assumes primecare activation and advertises it as active. That’s why I was confused.