FusionHub Solo, BL ONE CORE and LAN to WAN questions.

Hi all,
I need to check some facts that I didn’t found anywhere (I must be a bit clumsy). So, if some people from Tech Stuff can answer if i’m correct, I´ll be very grateful.

Adquired free license
Instaled succesfuly an instance in Vultr
Configured and starting without problem, but: FusionHub Solo doesn’t support bonding; only failover. Am I correct?

BL ONE CORE with upgrade LAN to WAN.
Adquired packet of 1TB for Speedfusion Cloud (it work’s very well!!)
Adquired license for extension LAN to WAN for BL ONE CORE.
Speedfusion Cloud doesn’t support bonding for LAN to WAN (five WAN) upgrade. Only the first two WAN conection for bonding.


Edit: Just to clarify…

No you’re not. FusionHub is a full SpeedFusion VPN end point. It supports remote devices that want to do VPN bonding. A Fusionhub vm itself can only support being connected by a single WAN moment.

No, SpeedFusion Cloud doesn’t care how many WANs you use and can use as many as you have. You might just need to add the WANs to the SFC profile though.

Thank you for your response, Martin.

Yes, I’m in a mistake with SpeedFusion Cloud. Yesterday made the upgrade, and probably doesn’t have the time to update the PepLink sistems. Today is working without problems, except I never reach the 200Mb limit, 90-100Mb max. with FTTH of 300Mbps (for example). But i know how well it perfoms duplicating and making reorder with packets.

But, in my first qestion, honestly I think I’m correct. Only one WAN in the other end is not bonding… It’s there a difference with the licensed FusionHub, apart fron peers?

Thankyou very much for been there in saturday to help the comunity.


You’re not correct in that FusionHub supports inbound SpeedFusion VPN bonding termination from other Peplink devices. So a

You are correct that FusionHub can only have a single WAN itself so can not bond its own connections.

Think of FusionHub as hosting your own SpeedFusion Cloud server.

Sorry Marting, but in my account for SpeedFusion Cloud (I think on it like a little part of my own virtual sever), I can bond five WAN simultaneously I don’t know what I’m missing…
All the WAN’s in BL ONE CORE are in Priority 1-Highest. What means “Cold standby - in lower priority”, in the graphic I’ve posted. Do I have any misconfiguration? All the WAN can/must be green/online?

Thank’s again for your answers.


Finally found in InControl where to (unable to) modify priority in WAN conections. Only one WAN is alowed to priority 1. All clear.
So, for my daily working (mainly bringing conectivity for streaming, or venues with few hundreds of atandees) FusionHub Solo is not my tool. SpeedFusion Cloud is the way for streaming and balance profile for generic venues.
I will keep making labs testing, setting two BL with, at least two WAN each, and seen how it works for bonding between this two devices.

Thank you!