FusionHub solo and Primecare devices

I have seen some people stating that I can have multiple Primecare devices (for example 5 MAX BR1 Pros) connected to a FusionHub solo. I tried to do that and was presented with an alert stating were not enough licenses.

Can anybody confirm if its is actually true that the Primecare devices are not bound by the single license limit in FusionHub?


I just tested this again and realize one of the units I was adding to FusionHub solo was a non Primecare unit (Balance Two). The confusing part is that if I would have expected to be able to add the Balance Two (eats up the single license), and then add one or more Primecare devices. Looks like I can’t. If I add only Primercare devices (MAX BR1 Pro and Balance 20X) it seems to allow without issue.

Not sure what’s going on there but we have a customer with a FH Solo with an HA pair of 580X connected to it and three 20X and it works just fine without any complaints about licences.

To confirm the observation by @WillJones: We have fusionhub solos with multiple primecare devices (a bunch of Balance 20X - love ‘em) connected to it, and one non-prime (e.g., Balance 380s in our case) using the one licensed connection.
When you establish the topology with IC2 (that’s how we roll) then IC2 does warn about an excess of connections, but ignoring the warning works.

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One minor thing I might add to the good answers you received from @WillJones and @zegor_mjol : You may wish to confirm that the PC devices actually have PrimeCare active. Otherwise, that device won’t count as “free.”

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Thanks. I went ahead and ignored the warning and it all worked out just fine. Multiple Primecare units (Balance 20X, Max BR1 Pro) and one Balance Two were able to establish the tunnels.