FusionHub Solo: A Complimentary FusionHub License for Every Peplink User



Thanks, Keith.


What is the system requirements of the FusionHub Solo?


Below are the system requirements of the FusionHub Solo:

Minimum Requirement of VM Host Hardware:
– Intel Core i3 or above

Minimum Requirements of VM instance:
– 512MB Ram

Recommendation AWS EC2 Instance:
– t2.micro


I followed the instructions to setup FusionHub Solo on AWS EC2. I want to use FusionHub Solo with my HD4 to bond 4 LTE connections into one big pipe, but this is where the instructions stop. They show you how to setup FusionHub Solo, but then nothing more.

Can you point me to the next set of directions to get my MAX HD4 and FusionHub Solo actually talking to each other and doing what you describe? Thank you!


Hi Dan, is everything fine? I saw this case is closed in another support system. Let us know if you still need further support. Thanks.


I also setup the AWS instance and went through the Pepfusion Setup Wizard but I am not certain how to set it up on the Balance 210.

Can you or someone provide the detail of how to do this?



The easiest approach is to use InControl2 to set up the SpeedFusion connection. Create a new point-to-point connection (available at the group level), identifying the AWS instance and the Balance 210 as the endpoints.

Then hit “save” :slight_smile:

Goodness ensues.


Hi and thanks for that.
I do understand I need to connect both ends of the Tunnel as I certain do want that goodness that will flow.:+1:
Please bear with me as I admit I am a rookie with setting up VPN for use.

I am just a bit of loss as to the how to do what you indicate.

The PEP VPN Setup Wizard created a Local ID which I would have thought would have been the end of the setup process however I see no additional configuration
Options in that set of panels.

When I am in InControl at the Pep VPN Speedfusion page, I assume that I hit the New Profile (which is above my Pep VPN Local ID information.

I assume that the Name is simply what I choose to call the VPN profile.

The Remote ID/Preshared Key I am not sure about this? Was this the AWS generated key pair?

Allow Shared in my case likely leave off.

NAT Mode I am not sure about.

Cost I leave as default.

Data Port leave on Auto

Bandwidth limit is unchecked B.C. use I would assume Solo is self limiting.

WAN Smoothing would be trial and error so for now default.

And then Save

So as you can see, VPN Goodness is just out of my grasp!



It seems you may be mixing two different approaches to setting up the PepVPN connection - using IC2 and local/web admin settings.

To keep it the very simplest (then you can tweak to you heart’s content later) let’s use only IC2 for the setup:




I totally missed that part of the PepVPN/SpeedFusion Configuration pane!
I really appreciate all your help in getting me on the right path!
I am up and running … basking in the goodness. Super Happy!

THANKS again for all your help!