FusionHub Solo: A Complimentary FusionHub License for Every Peplink User



Thanks, Keith.


What is the system requirements of the FusionHub Solo?


Below are the system requirements of the FusionHub Solo:

Minimum Requirement of VM Host Hardware:
– Intel Core i3 or above

Minimum Requirements of VM instance:
– 512MB Ram

Recommendation AWS EC2 Instance:
– t2.micro


I followed the instructions to setup FusionHub Solo on AWS EC2. I want to use FusionHub Solo with my HD4 to bond 4 LTE connections into one big pipe, but this is where the instructions stop. They show you how to setup FusionHub Solo, but then nothing more.

Can you point me to the next set of directions to get my MAX HD4 and FusionHub Solo actually talking to each other and doing what you describe? Thank you!


Hi Dan, is everything fine? I saw this case is closed in another support system. Let us know if you still need further support. Thanks.