FusionHub RAW 8.0.1 fails to install on upCloud

We were going to add another FusionHub Solo server to the lab. We use upCloud for our server needs, and installed the FW 8.0.1 version as per the usual procedure. (The file employed was fusionhub-8.0.1-build1644.raw).

The problem:
When configuring the new FusionHub instance all went well until we entered the license code. At which point it displayed the verifying message for a long while, then the submitting message. And then…nothing. The instance did not reboot itself, and when we rebooted the upCloud instance the license had not been registered. Multiple attempts were made, resulting in the same failure.

Install FW 7.1.1 (we used fusionhub_7.1.1_build_1538.raw), configure that (incl. the license) and then let IC2 upgrade the instance to 8.0.2

And a question:
Is there a FW 8.0.2 raw file somewhere? If so, where?

FusionHub 8.0.2 raw image:

We cannot guarantee this image can pass the license issue because upCloud is not official supported platform.

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Thanks for the 8.0.2 raw image.

It suffers the same issue as the 8.0.1 RAW image. So something was changed between 7.1.1. and 8.0.1 that causes an UpCloud installation failure:

To affirm: The internet connection from the UpCloud instance is fine, so there’s something else going on.

Details are available upon request.


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No chance the upcloud firewall is blocking an outgoing or incoming port required for registration?

Nope. The 7.1.1 installation works without a hitch.
FWIW, the default upCloud firewall only blocks port 25.