FusionHub : range of WAN ips


We are currently using FusionHubs to create dedicated infrastructures for our customers. We can then assign the public ip of the fusionhub via portforwarding to individual clients on the remote devices which is pretty cool and useful.

In that context, we’d like to extend the service with a range of ip adresses managed by the FusionHub that we would be bale to forward. In the balance, it is possible to mention that this particular WAN has in fact a full range available, I’d like to have the same on FH.


We have the plan to do this. Your request was submitted to the team.


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Hi guys,

Just tested successfully following method:

  1. Configure the SpeedFusion DHCP of the Fusionhub with the public subnet in which the FusionHub is.
  2. Activate NAT for the peer with public ip needs

and done.

The next peer that connects will be fully reachable via the public IP it will receive without extra rules necessary. From this device, all port forwardings necessary can be configured.

It was really in front of us the whole time. I’m pretty sure others were doing it already but I couldn’t see it in current Peplink documentation.

I didn’t test how it behaves with LAN network in parallel on Fusionhub though so maybe the WAN range is still necessary.


I might have believed in it too fast.

Anyone else tried this?