FusionHub Pepvpn and IPSec VPN


I would like to establish 3 PepVPN tunnels between FusionHub and 3 UBR LTE and also 2 IPSec tunnels between FusionHub and 2 remote sites. As you can see in the image below.

The FusionHub platform will have to manage the vpn backhauling between the LTE UBRs and the sites connected by IPSec.

For remote management, a 4G link with fixed IP is planned. Via this link an IPSec tunnel will be established between a Mikrotik and the management site.

It is not possible to remove the Mikrotik from the architecture. It is a key component in the client’s architecture.

Is this a possible architecture?
How many maximum IPSec tunnels does the FusionHub support?

Thank you


Number of IPSEC tunnel supported is following the number of SpeedFusion peers license.

Please explain more on how the IPSEC network that you need to build ? FusionHub will become the Hub concentrator ? The diagram share not really clear explaining the IPSEC tunnels that you want to create.

Hi @sitloongs

Thanks, so if i have a 100 SpeedFusion peers license, i can establish 100 IPSEC tunnels also ? If i want to established IPSec tunnels between Cisco routers and FusionHub, how many Cisco router can i connect through IPSec to FusionHub?

For clarification, FusionHub will become the Hub concentrator as you mention. IPSEC tunnels will be build between FusionHub and the 2 service Provider. The site in Africa will connect to FusionHub through PEPVPN.

FusionHub have one public ip

Yes. 100 SpeedFusion peers + 100 IPSec VPN peers.

Thanks @TK_Liew.