FusionHub OSPF failover routing

I have setup 2 fusion hub VM’s in our 2 datacenters (each with separate internet) and am not sure how to setup routing, both DC’s have the same address space, so i’ll need a routing protocol to handle fail-over between the 2 hubs in the event of failure (either internet, VM hardare, or hub software failure). I’ve seen reference to just use OSPF but cant see where that is configured within the Fusionhub local or incontrol2 interface. Can anyone provide insight in how you handle failover between hubs? i need to advertise the remote speedfusion vpn networks to the rest of the network, how do you do that?

For Example - FusionHub High Availability? - #11 by MartinLangmaid


OSPF support for the FusionHub internal network is important for this scenario. The feature is already in our roadmap for future firmware.

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any updates?

We shall work on this feature, expected to be available in next major firmware release.


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+1. An I need OSPF or BGP for a project now. It seems, new release 8.1 does not support.