FusionHub on AWS: route conflict


I think I went a long way setting up FusionHub on an AWS EC2 instance, solo license, Balance 30 Pro. I found the entire process way longer and more difficult that they made it seem, perhaps because I had to setup the VPC in Amazon from scratch.
I followed a few of the posts and youtube videos, none of which was entirely comprehensive, and this is what I managed so far.

I have a route conflict that I think stems from the way I setup the VPC and/or the subnet or something like that. In particular the LAN IP’s where the balance 30 Pro is located is 192.168.1.x
The Amazon VPC has IPv4 CIDR:
Public Elastic IP, I can log into the instance and upgrade the firmware
I had to modify the route table other wise I could not log into the instance. There was an item with destination =; I added another route with destination, and that made the instance reachable and I presumed opened the internet to the EC2 instance.

Now, in the Balance Pro status page:
Under PepVPN with SpeedFusion section, I see the yellow square instead of green, and it says Route Conflict, and in the details page: Route conflict:

In the FusionHub:
in the status-speedfusion page, it shows the green square next to WAN, and where it says the Balance Pro name it’s stuck on “Updating routes…”
In the Dashboard, it shows WAN IP Address:

In a youtube video that I’ve seen, although it was setup on Vultr, the guy had a public IP there. Mine is private and the same family as my LAN, so I think my route conflict stems from that. Is that the problem? How do I fix it? Should I have a public IP in the IPv4 CIDR field of the subnet, and which one, the same as the elastic IP ?

I thank in advance anybody that wants to help, I think it’s a quick fix if you know what to do. Let me know if you need more details , thank you!

You essentially found the issue.

You cannot use the same IP space on the router device and the fusionhub. Just change the AWS network segment to or some such.

Good, so how do I change the IPv4 CIDR ? Pardon my AWS ignorance :frowning:

In Edit CIDR I could add a second one from a different family but not get rid of the first:

Once you remove the VPC from the 1st network and associate it with the second you will probably be able to delete it. Remember that the second network will need a routing instance, and that you need to attach the ELB you provisioned to the new network as well.

Basically go over all of the AWS action items again with the network.

ok so terminate the instance, delete VPC, make another with, recreate the route to to give it internet, then deploy a new EC2 right?

Ah another question also, I am doing all of this for the balance 30 pro which I will probably keep as a spare, as I just got a Balance 305. Will I be able to get another solo hub licence for the 305, and use the same EC2 ? I don’t want to pay for two EC2, as ideally, in case the 305 were to have problems, I’d like to somewhat “quickly” drop in the 30 in its place.

Third question, t3 medium is the way to go or I can save some money with a smaller EC2 ? This is for my private home, where the total of the bandwidths I am mixing is somewhat like 300/100 at best

You should just be able to re-attach the current VPC to the new network.

If you only have one balance active at a time you only need one FusionHub. the fusionhub isn’t linked to a hardware system, but will allow only one PepVPN at a time from non primecare hardware.

You can pick a minimal T3 image…