Fusionhub NAT-Mode DHCP Reservation

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i would like to setup dhcp reservations on NAT-mode profiles on fusionhub. This way we can use bulk configured remote devices and have them accessible via a predefined address. This might be of interest for all 2leg deployments of fusionhub.


This would be a great addition. We’ve seen multiple deployment strategies lately that this would have worked great for from event streaming where a camera gets paired with a cellular router, but not always the same one to remote monitoring as in oil fields or pipelines. Having DHCP reservations on the Fusionhub would allow for access to the remote LAN clients when needed from the hub side.

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@ue-it, @FrontierComputerCorp, if you would like to assign a Public IP (from FusionHub) to the remote peer as shown in the example below, you can refer to slides 14 - 20 on the configuration guide.

Or, if you prefer to just do the Port Forwarding, then this post should help.


Hi @WeiMing,
The idea here would be to have identical remote peers and remote peer networks such as police vehicles where each one has the same LAN network and LAN clients are set statically so that for instance, their laptops can be moved from car to car and keep the same statically set IP address. Every Laptop would have the same static IP address since tehre is only ever one per vehicle. If a DHCP reservation could be made so that remote client A always received a particular IP address, now customers would be able to initiate sessions from the FusionHub side to remote peer clients using port forwarding on the remote routers.

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Guess you have hundreds of police cars, each with a MK2, and all have identical configuration. You can use bulk configurator for zero touch deployment, and low skill personal are able to replace defect devices without configuration. If someone wants to access the dashcam inside a car from the headquarter you need to have the ip adress to acess it over PAT. While the NAT-Mode-MACAdress is build from parts of the serial number we can create reservations for every car (router) on the Hubdevice. Currently this is only possible with a Balance as the hub device. There is no configurable DHCP service for NAT-Mode on fusionhub.

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We also would like to see DHCP Reservation feature for PepVPN Nat Mode on FusionHub. Currently this is only available on physical hub device, peplink support can you please add this important ability to Fusionhub device?

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Is this feature still pending? I reinforce that is quite helpful to have a fixed client IP to better manage the VPN traffic