FusionHub moving from one account to another

We are looking to remove a FusionHub from one Incontrol2 account with another company so that we can add it to our Incontrol2 account. We have done this many times with Balance routers but not with a FusionHub.

Can anyone tell me if the process is the same as the other Blanace products and that there is no downtime etc? Something tells me there is more comunication with Incontrol and FusionHubs than with the other products but I am probably wrong.

Has anyone else sucessfully performed this pain free?

Many Thanks

Did you configure any speedfusion via ic2 interface?
Do you use find mypeplink feature?

If no for both it is completely transparent. We have often migrated between different incontrol appliances, if it is manually configured you dont have any outage.

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Hi Venn

Thanks for you quick response. That makes complete sense

I’m 99% sure all PepVPNs are configured directly on the FusionHub and pretty sure we do not use find mypeplink feature but I will need to confirm on that part. I guess if we do use find mypepink it’s no biig deal if we lose that, that shouldn’t be sevice affecting surely?

@HarleyBoy, @Venn is correct. No outage if you move the FusionHub to another Organization since you used InControl2 for monitoring purpose only. Below is the step to move the FusionHub.

  1. Remove FusionHub from old Organization.

  2. Import FusionHub license into new Organization.

  3. Add FusionHub into new Organization.

Hope this helps.

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