FusionHub mesh?

No matter what I try was not able to achieve:

18 PepVPN devices > Balance 380 - link to second Balance 380 < 10 PepVPN devices

1 part > 18 PepVPN devices to Balance 380 works.

2 part > 10 more other PepVPN devices to second Balance 380 works.

But not through InC2 and I can’t make in the PepBalance380 SpeedFusion Connection between 2 SpeedfusionHubs (2 Balance 380’s)

Please open a support ticket via our site and we will help you to investigate:

Support says its not supported in the scenario like this:

*For clarification FusionHub and SpeedFusion Endpoint configuration in InControl 2 are two separate things.
*As mentioned in your support ticket: Support for Partial Mesh/Full Mesh is forthcoming. I.E. for now only 1 Hub can be configured per group via IC2.