FusionHub Licensing - Share allowed qty of peers between 2 installations of FusionHub

We have 2 physical devices at different offices and some VMs in 2 different clouds (AWS and Azure). So that’s a total of 4 peers I think. We’d like to install FusionHub in both AWS and Azure and allow both offices to connect to resources in those clouds. Do we have to buy 2 FusionHub Essentials licenses to do that?

Both fusionhubs need to be licensed Yes. Although you should speak with you peplink partner as there are new license models which you may be able to take advantage of.

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It’s about this. I don’t have a peplink partner and don’t want to inquire from several that don’t really know. I don’t see anything about licensing models other than the smallest 2 FusionHub Essentials license which it seems like we’d
need to buy 2 of.


Hello @unit9419,
Use the Make a Sales Enquiry link on the Peplink Contact Us page and submit your request, mention your posting here on the forum that you need help with FusionHub licencing.

The Peplink team will pass your enquiry onto a suitable Certified Peplink Partner that will be able to look after you.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: