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I am having trouble with installing FusionHub on Windows Server 2012. I have installed and configured FusionHub on Hyper-V, but I am unable to verify the license key. I get the following message:

"Connection timeout, please check Internet connection."

I am quite sure that the problem is not from the virtual switch because I can connect to the FusionHub’s Web Admin Interface over the Internet.

Please can someone advise on how to rectify this problem.




Please check following ports are opened in firewall:

FH --> udp port 5246
FH --> udp port 5246



Thanks for your reply Kenny.

I created a new Inbound rule for udp port 5246 and any IP address. However, I still get the same error message: “Connection timeout, please check Internet connection.”

I even turned off the Windows firewall altogether with no success.

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.



Can you PM FusionHub’s internet accessible IP address to me? We will check it.


Hello, We are having the same issue. In / Out Ports: TCP 32015 UDP 4500. From the earlier post it looks like we need to make sure that outbound is available from FH to udp port 5246 and
FH --> udp port 5246- However we opened the rules completely to test and it was unable to connect. Please advise! - Josh


Hi Josh,

May I know where you installed the FusionHub? Any firewall in front of FusionHub?



We are using the VM version of Fusion HUB. It is behind a firewall, however as stated, we had opened it up and the connection could not be made to the licensing server.

We are bit under the gun to get this working. Happy to call or email a specific support resource.


  • Josh


Hi Josh,

Please open a support ticket here for us to further investigate.

Make sure you include the FusionHub access info in the support ticket for us to check on the connection issue.

Thank you


This is a general question about Fusionhub licensing. I intend to deploy this product as an Amazon EC2 VM. I am reading through the manual to get some concept of this product. As best I can tell, the license is provisioned through the Incontrol2 Peplink cloud application (Page 2 of the Installation Guide “Fusion Hub License Generation.” I also read a forum post that to transfer a license the user was told to cancel the existing license in Incontrol2. Incontrol2 seems also to be needed to cancel a license and provision another server with the same license. The two products seem to be bound at the hip together.

So I then explore how Incontrol2 works. It is free if the product is “in warranty” but has a subscription price if not. Well, Fusionhub is software, not hardware so I do not understand if it has a warranty or not. So then I guess that even though I buy and pay for a Fusionhub software license, I will forever have to pay either for a Fusionhub “warranty” if there is one, or if not an indefinite subscription to Incontrol2 in order to validate a license for Fusionhub.

I have no real use for Incontrol2 other than to validate a license for Fusionhub. For me, Fusionhub will have only one purpose, to act as server for a Max 700. When the Max700 is not in use, the Amazon EC2 server will be deactivated, and both the Max 700 and Fusionhub will sit idle until another job comes along. But, as I read this, no matter what - I will have to keep up a subscription to Incontrol2 indefinitely just so that I can validate the license again when I start up the Amazon EC2 instance and start Fusionhub. Or if I want to start the VM somewhere else or in another data center.

Can someone let me know if my understanding is incorrect? Is it possible to just use my license number directly in Fusiionhub whenever I start an instance on any server (so long as I only have one copy in service at any given time) and never bother with Incontrol2 for any reason?

If so, the manual page that shows how to do this directly with the Fusionhub product would be appreciated.


Hi rtfolse,

You need to “Release” the license before set up a new FusionHub instance and reuse the license key as described on following page:
You do not need a valid warranty/subscription for this operation.

Once warranty/subscription expired, you cannot use InControl2 to manage configuration (e.g. SpeedFusion) and view reports (e.g. Bandwidth usage), which you are not currently using these features.



Also facing this issue, when trying to activate FusionHub evaluation license. Getting error “Connection timeout, please check Internet connection.” Is there any known issues in Fusionhub, or has this always been a network connection/configuration/firewall issue?



Hi Juha,

Please try again. We have an outage here and this has been recovered.

Thank you.


Yes. License activates now. Thank you.



I’ve the same problem today… Every ports are opened in firewall, but I can’t apply the license.

“Connection timeout, please check Internet connection.”




Please open a support ticket for support team to check.



Hi Guys.

I am having this problem and as this is nr 2 demo i am spinning up from same ip ect does is seam wierd, did not have any problems last time. there has NOT been done any changes in the firewall.

Best Regards