FusionHub license limit vs total WAN throughput?

Hi all,

Can anyone please explain how it works if WAN throughput exceeds one’s FusionHub license limit?

I will use my situation as an example, where I have 2 x 13/1 Mbps and 1 x 10/0.5 Mbps connections, for total available bandwidth of 36/2.5 Mbps.

In regular load balancing mode, all 36 Mbps downstream and 2.5 Mbps upstream are available, but no more than 13/1 Mbps at a time, because the connections aren’t bonded.

Assuming I buy a FusionHub Essentials license, capped at 25 Mbps. Are the remaining 11 Mbps (36-25) of downstream bandwidth still available to be used by anyone else on the network?

I’ve looked extensively, but can’t work it out. :confused:

Thanks in advance, Edward

Essentially you will not be able to push more 25Mbs through the tunnel. Just think of it as bandwidth throttling.

Hello Jarid,

Thank you for clarifying that point for me - much appreciated. It’s not what I was hoping to hear (!), but it does make sense.