FusionHub license expired. what to do?

Hi :

I have a Max Transit and a Fusionhub configuration. Both licenses show as expired. I renewed my Max Transit license and it now shows as available in incontrol2. However, the Fusionhub still shows as ‘expired’, and the connection to Fusionhub is down. What should I do to renew that license?

What version of fusion hub do you have? Where did you get from?

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Firmware 8.1.1 build 4982
got it straight from the peplink site. On the incontrol dashboard, the ‘subscription expiry date’ shows ‘2022-02-05 (Expired)’

Hi @marcvl , FusionHub also requires InControl 2 subscription as your Transit router in order to work with InControl 2 services. Please renew its license if you want to use it with InControl 2.

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Is this a solo version, or what version is it?
If you used incontrol2 to create the vpn tunnels then you need to renew the incontrol2 subscription.
If you want to renew it , send me a pm and I can help you renew it.

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