Fusionhub L2 SF Problem

Hello everyone,
Is there anybody who uses or implement L2 SpeedFusion on Fusionhub?
I live a problem when I create an L2 SF tunnel through to MAX-HD4. The problem is that SF L2 tunnel is established between HD4 to FHB and it seems okay but I can not reach to LAN gateway of FHB from behind HD4 as a client. Maybe I skip something or there is a trick, I do not know and want to ask you have you ever faced a similar problem. Our topology like as below and the client- can not ping to That client reaches FHB and FHB reaches to that client also. But from the same client can not reach or ping the LAN GW of FHB. When I replace FHB with MAX or Balance, it works well as expected and that client reaches! Is there any experience or suggestion on that?


Just curious, VRF is enabled in the FusionHub?

What hypervisor are you using?

When testing this myself under VMware I found it is necessary to have promiscuous mode enabled for the port group that the FusionHub LAN interface is connected to or the L2 traffic will not be bridged correctly from remote peers.

Hello TK,
No, VRF is not enabled.

Helo WillJones,
We are also work on VMware. I checked promiscuous mode and it is accepted both interface LAN and WAN.

@gokhan.ozkan, look like you opened a ticket. We will follow up with you there.


Please let us know the soloution in the Forum, I also have seen the same issue in the last weeks.

We were so close! :slight_smile: but the problem has solved with @RolandasR 's help.
“Promiscuous Mode” and “Forged Transmits” must be “Accept” options on the vSwitch which you set FHB LAN port. That would be helpful for who lives a similar issue.

Thank you all!