FusionHub IP Address requirement

Hi, my company is a new user to the PepLink system solution.

I have a FusionHub based deployment with 7 Max BR1 MK2 devices. I would like to confirm if the FusionHub appliance
can work with a Dynamic IP Address (Non Public IP Address). The sales representative we spoke to was quite confident
that it can work with a private dynamic IP Address.

By my understanding at least the FusionHub endpoint needs to be on a Public IP in order for the remote BR1 MK2 devices
to be able to setup their VPN connections. We are using them configured for PePVPN connections. The FusionHUb appliance is
currently installed within our office space on a dedicated node which is on the office LAN network. We cannot configure the
network apart from providing a static or dynamic type IP Address within the network’s allocation. Beyond the office network
(the greater network above it), we have no configuration control of.

We have done the setup and have tried star as well as meshed configurations, however the PepVPN connections are always
in the starting state and never become connected. Perhaps we are missing something and would be grateful for any advice

Thank you

For a PepVPN connection to be established, at least one of the endpoints has to have a routable IP address. It may be dynamic (e.g. if you are then using DynDNS or the free (with IC2) Peplink-provided DNS support), but it cannot be private (NAT’ed).

So: It does not have to be static, but it has to be routable at one end or the other.

Your FusionHub seems not to be routable from the internet, and I expect your BR1s are not, either. Hence the lack of connection, the two endpoints cannot find each other…


Hi Zegor,

Thank you very much for the clarification. Makes things easier to figure out now.

Chris Soyza