FusionHub in AZURE

Its possible to run the FusionHub virtual appliance in Azure?

FusionHub does not support Azure currently. We are working on that and expect Azure will be supported at Q1 2016.

now FusionHub Support AZURE ?

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We tested FusionHub was running fine in Azure!

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Hi Peplink team.

Can you confirm that FusionHub is working in Azure? How it works?

Thank you in advance

Hi Seyaba, We have successfully deployed Fusionhub in Azure and have created a (unofficial) installation guide. You can request a copy by sending an email to [email protected].


Hi Erik,

Super thank you for your information .Do you know how many customer are installed FusionHub in Azure? As Peplink plane to have a partnership like with AWS?

Thank you

Azure support is still unofficial, please let us know if you have any issues during the deployment.
AWS support is through private image sharing currently.

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HI - thanks for the deployment document.
Since it was created there appears to be two changes to consider:

  1. The github uri has changed.
  2. The vhd for 6.2.1 and 6.3.2 both fail to deploy. ARM reports and error owing to “unsupported virtual size of 400.1484375 MB. The size must be a whole number in (MBs).

The current github is:
Regarding the unsupported virtual size problem I am looking still looking for the proper solution.
Is the size Azure is reporting (400.1484375 MB) correct?


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You can get FusionHub image that compatible with latest Azure here (unzip before upload to Azure):

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Any news on working with Microsoft to get Peplink supported on Azure and available in the Azure Market Place?

Also, please provide a FusionHub image compatible with Azure for the latest firmware; 7.0.1 at time of posting this.

Many thanks


You can upgrade your FusionHub to latest version via
System → Firmware → Check for Firmware

Or you can upgrade manually using the file from

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