FusionHub for RHEV / Ovirt


I couldn’t find any doc for how to run FusionHub on Ovirt / RHEV, so I thought I’d post my steps here.

  1. Download the zip for fusion hub and extract
  2. Copy the .vhd file from your machine to one of your ovirt hosts.
  3. On your ovirt host: qemu-img convert -O qcow2 fusionhub.vhd fusionhub.qcow2
  4. copy the disk back to your machine.
  5. Upload the disk to ovirt using storage → Disks → Upload (select the qcow2 file)
    5.1) Name it something you’ll be able to find later, like fusionhub.
  6. Create a new virtual machine:
    6.1) General → select "blank’ for template
    6.2) General → instance images → Attach
    6.2.1) Select the disk you just uploaded
    6.2.2) change the disk type from VirtIO to IDE
    6.3) Best pick your network
    6.4) System → 1024 MB max memory
  7. Big finish, launch your VM
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