FusionHub for my Clients

let’s say I deployed many peplink balance for 3 customers. I would like to offer them FusionHub service by deploy FusionHub to my Promox datacenter. I have some questions

  1. How can I limit speed of each customer ? Is that a hub speed or each site speed ?
  2. FusionHub Lic sale by speed and peer. Can I start with small and upgrade when my customer grow up ? or do you have subscription model ?
  3. My service will replace vpn so fusionhub will route only network to network not internet. Can I do that ?
  4. I have 2 datacenter just in case datacenter one have a problem. Can I just start a replicated fusionhub vm at datacenter2 when datacenter1 gone down?

Each VPN profile can have a specific speed limit.

Yes, although upgrade process always feels more complicated than it ought to be. Speak with your Peplink account manager about better ways to manage Fusionhub licensing.

Yes. Fusionhub support VRF so you can keep the customers traffic seperate (or you can use multiple fusionhubs).

Better to have two active and then get the remote sites to failover to the other one if they detect an outage.

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Thanks you it’s clear enough. it’s sound good to start business. I will try FustionHub and checking the pricing model from Peplink distributor here.

something still curious.

  1. To start multiple FusionHub VA, do I need to purchase lic for each of vm ?
  2. To make 2 active FusionHub for both datacenter. do I need to spend double lic cost ?

Best to talk to your distributor. Two approaches I see used most. Remote devices that are primecare units do not need a speedfusion license on the fusionhub.

There is also a licensing scheme for speedfusion providers who do this at scale called SFA where you can have a large number of fusionhubs and move licenses from a central pool between them.

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I have talk to our distributor here. They suggest to use 310X and start with a small FusionHub. Just want to have some capacity planning for my cluster server. Do anyone have guideline of VM spec to provide 50Mbps, 100Mbps, 500, 1000 ? CPU and Memory ?


I have checked our cluster. we have 30 Core Xeon with 500GB RAM available. I will start with 2 core, 8GB to do a load test when we get our 310x

which port PepVPN utilise ? TCP or UDP?
can I change port number ?

UDP 4500 for data and TCP 32015 for handshake. Yes you can change.

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Thanks. @Legionetz. Now I have success on doing so. perfect.

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