FusionHub - Firewall?

I have a FusionHub running. I would like to have multiple remote peers connect to this hub for the purpose of bonding multiple cellular cards on the other end for video streaming. However, I don’t want these remote peers to be able to communicate with each other like they can now. Is there a way I can do this without setting firewall rules on each peer? Thanks!

Please enable “NAT” mode in FusionHub’s SpeedFusion profile, client will unable to access peer’s subnet.
Make sure you configure “DHCP Server For NAT Mode Profile” settings after enabled “NAT” mode.

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I’ve tested this out where I enable NAT mode in the FusionHub SpeedFusion profile. When this is enabled I can not reach the peer at all, but the peer can still reach the FusionHub and the subnets of all the other profiles that are connected to it. Is there a way to reverse this, where the remote device can not reach the subnets of the other FusionHub profiles?

Example. FusionHub is at Profile 1 is and Profile 2 is I would like Profile 1 and 2 access to bond through FusionHub and have internet access, but not have Profile 1 and Profile 2 communication with each other.


Hi Kevin, I think for now you will need to create the individual firewall rules on the remote peers. In a future software update we should have the ability to disable inter-VLAN routing from the FusionHub.

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Awesome! I look forward to a future release, thanks!

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