FusionHub - FAQ

This is a compilation of questions that we have received from various sources. If you have a new question, please start a new thread and we will help you there.

Question: How much will FusionHub cost?
Answer: We are currently working on the pricing model, we will keep you posted.

Question: Could FusionHub be installed in any cloud environment, even public clouds such as Amazon Web Services?
Answer: We plan to support public clouds. We will make the announcement as soon as it is available.

Stay tuned for more questions!

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It is of utmost importance to support public clouds asap, specially on Digital Ocean. FusionHub will change the way the Internet works. Thank you so much guys for creating FusionHub! I run VoIP servers and I know Fusionhub is the way to go to decrease downtime because of Internet failures. Thanks again!

You can be assured that the support for public clouds are forthcoming. Digital Ocean and Amazon are the first line of candidates that we will look at - because we have been told by customers repeatedly about their names – loud and clear. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

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Hello Keith

Can you please confirm whether Digital Ocean is now supported? I note it was first on your list, along with Amazon, but I can’t see any mention of it on the main FusionHub page, nor in the FusionHub Installation Guide???

Thanks, Edward

Hi, not currently. We are exploring the possibility to run FusionHub on DigitalOcean, stay tuned.

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Hi Kenny. Thanks for your reply, but disappointing that DigitalOcean is not supported. Do you have any idea of time frame?

Hi Edward, we are exploring the possibility, no solid time yet.

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