FusionHub EC2 instance


When I connect with Chrome to my FusionHub EC2 instance on AWS, https is not working:

I have port 443 enabled in the security group. The certificate given to peplink shows active until November 2022.

What do I have to do in EC2 in order to make it work?

Could you be a bit more specific on the “not working” part? Usually when it show’s not secure, which is normal, you can just click on advanced and proceed anyway to the login page. If it’s not loading at all, verify that you have an internet gateway associated with the VPC in aws so the fusionhub can actually get out to the internet.

I mean just that, Chrome cannot establish a secure connection via https and yes, I can connect via http after clicking on advanced.
By the way the same happen when I connect to my local peplink:

My question is if this is normal, to have a non-secure non-https connection where I enter password and such

Yes, that’s normal

Take a look at this: may be helpful for this.

Also, if you are using https and having it use port forwarding or any type of service which changes or streams the content/media etc to a device that operates on a different public IP, that connection will no longer be secure only because it is not a simple p2p connection it is p2p streamed between 2 public IP’s so the AWS server is sensing a different public IP coming to establish a session connection or feeding off the connection and this can cause security issues because it thinks there is another connection that isnt supposed to be on the connection. If it was an http:// connection, i wouldnt worry that always usually says that. But Https: is usually certificate or IP address issues when it isnt secure.