Fusionhub ddns howto

Does the fusionhub have ddns feature so we don’t have to pay for a static ip on the vm for non-critical connections?


Hi John - Welcome to the forum!

InControl2 has an inbuilt dyanmic DNS service called mypep.link. you go to the Fusionhub device details in IC2, click edit and then turn it on and set a name:

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Perfect, used your youtube video to help me get this setup that was great so many, many thanks!

One more question, regarding that I noticed you didn’t set a pre-shared key in the video, is that recommended? In my vpn I always set a strong random psk so was wondering if there is another method securing it.

Its not recommended no - I was just being lazy. Without the PSK the initial handshake and tunnel setup traffic will be unencrypted, but the subsequent payload is encrypted. With PSK all the tunnel creation process is encrypted so it is a good idea.