FusionHub config question

Question… is there an advantage to having 2 network interfaces on the FusionHub vs 1?

My current setup is:
FusionHub with a single interface with a private IP behind a Cisco firewall that translates a public IP to the private IP of the FusionHub.

Everything is working just fine with this config, but I currently only have 3 sites connecting to the FusionHub.

We are preparing to add an additional 15 locations to this configuration, and I was wondering if I should reconfigure the FusionHub with 2 Interfaces, WAN using the public IP, and LAN using the private IP and take the Cisco out of the picture.

THoughts? Suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

In term of routing performance, there should be not much difference unless you have more than 500Mbps throughput with ancient hardware.

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