FusionHub Cellular Cold standby - in lower priority

Hi, setting up Speedfusion with Wan Smoothing On

Balance 30LTEA
Wan2 Cellular
Peplink FusionHub

Problem I have is in PepVPN Status (index.cgi?mode=config&option=pepvpnstatus)

Cellular has a status of “Cold standby - in lower priority”

No traffic or packets are passing over the cellular link.
In diagnostics I cant ping across Cellular link, I can ping across Wan1 and also across PepVPN links. (making me think Cellular link has a problem)
Cellular status is up with ping test to and

Any advice out there?


You are using PepVPN which does not support SpeedFusion Bonding or Hot-Fail over however, the VPN will reestablish on another WAN if the main WAN fails.

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Thanks Gno, I just used the wizard in InControl to setup enabled the Wan Smoothing option.

Could you advise how I can setup correctly?