Fusionhub can not active license / not a valid license

License activation gives an error, can not contact VMware server.

The fusionhub should run in Lan: 192.168.120.x
The VMWare server runs its management isolated from the guest networks 192.168.12.x

Can not activate the licence during installation and not continue with installation.

Offcource the lan can not contact the vmware server (why it should have access to the vmware server itself is a question anyway), they are on different subnets, as it should be. There should be finaly run several instances of fusionhub on that server with all different subnets.

Installing fusionhub first in the management network and than change the lan ip, gives an error on the license and fusionhub stop working with the error Virtual server has changed.

Whats wrong? Anyone suggestions? I can not imagine that i am the first running into this. When you are in the real cloud you can not access either the virtual host.

Please open a support ticket for further investigation: