FusionHUB behind the BPL-380 router

We set up the BPL-380 as a “house router” which also supports 20 PepVPN peers to remote locations.
I’d like to also place a small Linux PC running the FusionHUB on the local network for testing.
On the FusionHUB, I chose a custom port for PepVPN = 9000.
On the BPL-380, forwarded UDP 9000 to the local IP of the FusionHUB.
PepVPN cannot be established. (Varied ports etc.)
Any suggestions?
Thank you.


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PepVPN/SpeedFusion having two important communication ports:

Handshake : TCP32015 (Default)
Data Port: 4500 or UDP 32015 (Default)

If you run a FusionHub behind the B380, you have to make sure the above ports is not overlapped.

  1. You need to configure FusionHub Handshake & Data Ports run using custom ports:

Data Port:

  1. For the remote devices, you need to configure the profile connect to custom ports for 1.


Thank you!