FusionHub Appliance (i.e. non-virtual)

FusionHub is an excellent virtual platform.
One issue we are seeing is the resource, skills or corporate policies make it difficult to spin up VMs to run it on:

  1. some customers have a blanket ban on any cloud usage
  2. some have rules about where their VMs can be spun up on their own hardware
  3. some have resource/skill issues

As the FusionHub is a networking piece of equipment ideally it should be placed at the edge.

Do Peplink have any plans to create a FusionHub Appliance (i.e. non-virtual) that can provide multi-tenancy VMs (i.e. multiple FusionHubs) that can be simply added into the network?

I can see this might impact on the Balance product set but I see it mostly as useful for multi-tenancy deployment.
This would make FusionHub into an excellent tool for MSPs running multiple customer networks.

Hi Roy
Do you mean having something with high throughput (like the high end Balance Models) that would be 1x WAN which would be used just for Fusion Hub with the ability to have separate FusionHubs running on the same machine?

But maybe have two WAN and 2 Dual Hot Swap Power Supply in it as well?
Have the box scale up with licences?
5 VM FusionHubs
10 VM
20 VM
100 VM
Does any one else see a need for this in the market?